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Water@Langebergkaas is a holiday job that my brother and I started, in December 2017, to help people in Cape Town who need extra water for their pools, gardens or drinking. We are Simon and Benjamin Steven, scholars at Stellenbosch university and Paul Roos Gymnasium in Stellenbosch. Our father owns a farm that has a large government registered water quota from the Buffeljagsrivier dam. Our father also has a cheese factory that purifies the raw water to food grade standards, for use in cheese making. Because the water is used in cheese making it is better than municipal standards. Our water is ideal for filling up pools. It contains no iron or calcium or other minerals which are present in borehole water and can damage your pool equipment. We transport the water using a 37 000 litre milk truck and tanker trailer which we hire from Langeberg Kaas.

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